How The New Upcoming iPhone 8 Might Look Like

iDrops News (Apple blog) posted a series of concept images of New Upcoming iPhone 8 which shows how the new iPhone might look like, the images look stunning.

New Upcoming iPhone 8
New Upcoming iPhone 8

The New Upcoming iPhone 8:

Not a long ago, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus were launched, and now the rumors and specs about the new iPhone have started. The new iPhone will bring a very new turn in the Apple’s phone. Since 2017  in the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone which changes the concept and world of mobile.

The rumors of the iPhone 8 are flying high on the internet. Many reports and leaks suggest that the new iPhone will be a big one. The leaked and expected specs of new iPhone 8 are already flooding the whole internet.

The new iPhone 8 is supposed to hold the wireless charging and might miss or their famous home button, and might sport an ALL-GLASS body where the front part of the screen will have very less body to test ratio or might be even bezel-less, after hearing or seeing this whole internet is on fire.

There are reported rumors on the web that say that there will be an OLED display in the new iPhone.The OLED display which might give the new iPhone new looks as the displays are fragile compared to the current LCD.


New Upcoming iPhone 8

The expected new features of the iPhone 8:

  • All-glass design
  • Wireless charging
  • OLED/AMOLED display
  • 5’8 inch display
  • A11 chip
  • Intel; 7360 LTE modern
  • iOS 11 software
  • No home button

Last Words:

Recently, iDrop News posted a series of new iPhone concept pictures which show us how the new iPhone might look like. The images look very amazing, the edge to edge display looks charming. The way the display slides on the sides looks very amazing. The soul pleasing and that makes it look slimmer than ever and give it a seamless look.


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