New Nokia E1 Receives 3C Certification, Coming Soon

New Nokia E1 Receives 3C Certification Coming Soon


New Nokia E1 Receives 3C Certification. Nokia used to be one of the major mobile phone selling companies in India and all over the World. Until Microsoft bought off Nokia’s 80% In September 2016.

Nokia did launch a new Smartphone under Microsoft’s HMD Global, namely Nokia 216. Nokia 216 had received well enough by tech critics all over the world. It is mainly because it continued the legacy of basic Nokia Smartphones. Now, it and came at a reasonable price of $39 (2648.29 Indian  Rupees).

Earlier in 2016, Microsoft did hint that they’ll kill off the Nokia Lumia series. But recent rumors and teases show us an entirely different picture.


Until now, the word was that HMD Global would drop three new phones. HMD Global under Nokia’s name in the upcoming Mobile World Congress event, which will be in February 2017. Almost all the major tech companies will feature their devices at the event. Microsoft is planning to revive Nokia’s image in a huge way.


Rumors are there that it will be a mobile with multiple versions. As in one in the first mid price range, and the other in the higher high price range.

The Nokia D1C is said to be equipped with 2GB RAM (priced around $150, roughly 10000 Indian Rupees) for the mid ranged addition & the variant on the more expensive side is said to have 3GB of RAM (priced around $200, roughly 13500 Indian Rupees).

Both of the variants are said to be available in both 5 & 5.5 inch full HD display options, front camera of 8 megapixels, and an inbuilt storage of 16 Gigabytes.

Along with that, HMD Global will launch its flagship Nokia smartphone at MWC 2017, with astonishing specs like Snapdragon 853 SoC, 6 GB of RAM & a 23-megapixel camera with Zeiss lens

Hoping for the best, because of the nostalgia HMD Global has evoked in everyone’s heart after the word got out, let’s hope it lives up to the expectations and bring something creative and new to the world of mobile phone & tech.

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