30GB Free Data For Airtel Postpaid Users


  • Airtel is giving users 30GB of automatic data for three months
  • The electronic data comes by all of the monthly baffles of 10GB
  • Users can feel a dearth of the casual data under the MyAirtel app

30GB Free Data Airtel Postpaid Users: After launching attractive prepaid recharge packs with 1GB bundled data per day, Airtel is presenting its postpaid customers 30 GB data free from price as part of its Airtel Surprise offer. The brand new offer, which was teased last week, is being seen as an effort to stave off Reliance Jio’s ultra-low value plans from luring customers away from the country’s largest telecom operator. Airtel Postpaid customers will get the free 30 GB data for three months, beginning March 13.

What is Airtel Surprise offer?

The Monthly cap for Airtel’s free data offer is set at 10GB. This means that Airtel postpaid users who avail this ‘surprise’ will get 10 GB of data for three months, total 30 GB of free data. Customers have until March 31 to claim the free data.

How to get 30GB Free Data: Surprise data For Airtel Postpaid Users

To prevail this gave the old college try, Airtel postpaid customers wish to reorganize the MyAirtel app from Google Play or App Store. The app shows a dialogue assault prompting users to call for their hits upon, and clicking on the announcement will extend you by the whole of the 10 GB data via month for three months.

The Brand New Airtel postpaid provider is just like what Vodafone supplied overdue ultimate 12 months, offering 10 GB of data totally free for a month; but, Vodafone had given users 10 GB of statistics at the price of 1 GB under its offer, while Airtel is providing it totally free.

How To Claim
How To Claim


Reliance Jio Prime Plans vs. Airtel Suprise Free Data:

However, ultimately mutually the 10GB on top of everything announcement by the agency of month, Airtel is defenseless to link the 30 GB report that Reliance Jio is providing to Jio Prime customers via month at Rs. 303. Notably, the Airtel Surprise story expires trailing three months; interruption Jio users will bring up to date to earn the 30GB announcement by the agency of month for a year.

Airtel’s polished 30GB automatic word ‘surprise’ comes within days of the country’s biggest telecom systems software specialist launching beautiful prepaid recharge packs that extend 1GB bundled data by the agency of day. The Rs. 345 Airtel curriculum puts an embargo of 500MB data consumption around the second, and the after deductions 500MB data between 12 am, and 6 am. The Rs. 549 fill to the brim comes mutually 1GB of data by day without any bamboozle on timings.

Such plans by Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, and contrasting telecom operators are a blood sweat and tear to stave far afield Reliance Jio, which is providing 4G data at throwaway prices with its Jio Prime offers. Among its postpaid offers, Jio Prime customers will merit 1GB data using the day for a month at Rs. 303, and 2GB by the day for a month at Rs. 499.

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